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CEO Spotlight: Abigail Cheadle CEO of CompletePlace

  1. Tell us about 1300Plumber, 1300Builder & 1300Electrician and the new businesse...

Ask the Experts Blog

Show me the money: tips to get the best house sale price

The housing market is competitive and buyers, be it for property investment or to live in,...

Ask the Experts Blog

Create your own eco-friendly garden

With around one in five Australians using solar power for their hot water or electricity a...

Ask the Experts Blog

The magic ambience of indoor / outdoor garden living

In the current mode of residential architecture, the expectation of a luxurious home is th...

Ask the Experts Blog

CompletePlace can help keep your cool during the summer months with these top tips

This summer in Australia could be one of our hottest on record, and with summer only a few...

Ask the Experts Blog

What’s wrong with my air conditioning?

Air conditioners were once a luxury, but they have now become commonplace items in most ev...

Ask the Experts Blog

Expert advice on building a sustainable home

Sustainable living is good for the planet and good for you. When you choose to live in a s...

Ask the Experts Blog

Using natural light to improve the ambience of your home

Natural lighting can actually create the impression of more space in your home. Used corre...

Ask the Experts Blog

Renovating your home on a budget

So the time has come to rip up the old carpet and refresh your tired-looking kitchen. Only...

Ask the Experts Blog

Does zone living beat open plan living?

What is open plan living?

Open plan living aims to create a social, easy going...

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