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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to frequently asked questions about CompletePlace's free service connecting customers with local tradespeople & service providers in Aust...
CompletePlace Category Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about CompletePlace's free service connecting customers with local tradespeople & service providers in Australia.

Our licensed, insured and police-checked service providers and tradies provide solutions for all repair, maintenance and renovation jobs nationally.

How do I contact CompletePlace?

To get in touch with CompletePlace, simply call 1300 466 339 or you can head to our Contact Us page.

How does CompletePlace work?

  • Call 1300 466 339 OR submit an online job request.
  • Provide your name, number, postcode and tell us what you need done.
  • We then match what you need, with a local, available service provider who has the right skills and availability for your job.
  • You get a call directly from them to sort your emergency, maintenance or improvement job.

How much does the CompletePlace service cost?

The CompletePlace service is a free connection service and not a property maintenance company, all you pay for is the local telephone call cost. It is up to you to discuss pricing directly with your provider for their services.

Will there be a callout fee?

CompletePlace matches consumers with service providers. This connection service is free to consumers, however, as all providers are independent businesses, they may have their own fee schedule with regards to call-outs and quotes. This will vary from company to company so ensure you ask them if you are uncertain before they come to your property.

Who is responsible for the work?

The service provider is. But let us know what you think of them on our feedback page so that we can reward or exclude them from our network accordingly.

How do you ensure that your service providers are qualified?

Quality is important to us, and CompletePlace takes great care to pre-qualify each provider. We only want to work with providers that are licensed, insured, and police- checked. As a minimum, each of our providers must have a valid ABN and license (if applicable) and carry an ID they have pre- registered with us.

If I have an issue with one of your providers who should I speak to?

We are a connection service only and do not employ any tradies or service providers in our network. If you have an issue with anyone who CompletePlace has referred you to, you should deal directly with that business first. However, please do contact us about, and provide feedback about your experience, as quality is important to us and we only want to work with the best.

I am a service provider and am interested in finding out more about the CompletePlace model?

Head to our Work with Us page or call 1300 466 339.

Is CompletePlace a franchise?

No. CompletePlace is a connection service for independent service providers around Australia. You maintain your business branding and pay per lead only. We do not ask you for a percentage of the job or in any way regulate your rates.

How long does it take for the customer to be contacted after making a request?

Every attempt is made to allocate a tradie within an hour but you should expect a response within 20 minutes if an emergency or 30 minutes if not an emergency.

What job is commonly considered an emergency?

An emergency call is a job that is urgent and requires a response within the hour. It should be noted that emergency calls may attract premium pricing.

How do the discount vouchers work?

From time to time, we run campaigns where customers receive a $25 discount on any jobs they book through us. Only one voucher can be used at a time. The vouchers expire after one year.
We ask our tradies to deduct this amount from their invoice. They recoup this amount from us as a deduction from their next jobs package purchase. These campaigns help us attract and win an ever increasing customer base enabling us to continue, prosper and grow our job leads for our tradies. We let the tradies know if it’s a job with a discount voucher applied before they accept it.

Do our tradies respond in a timely fashion?

A job lead is deducted from the tradie's package as soon as they accept a job so they risk losing it and receiving a bad review from the customer if they don’t get in contact with you soon enough or don’t turn up as scheduled.

Will I be able to access the tradie's invoice within a timely fashion?

Generally, our tradies invoice on the job. We also consider it good practice to upload their invoices onto the job management system within 7 days of completing the job. That way all the counterparties can review the invoice as and when required.

Can the tradie quote on my job over the phone?

Our tradies repeatedly tell us that the most cost effective and efficient way to quote a job over the phone is to ask the customer to provide measurements and photos.

What do I have to do to join?

Tradies in the CompletePlace national network must assure us that they will comply with our code of conduct, which stipulates you are:
  • Qualified in your relevant trade or service
  • Licensed and registered with the relevant state authority (if applicable)
  • Insured with liability insurance (if applicable)
  • Police checked (if applicable)
  • Performing to the highest standard based on customer feedback
We ask you to:
  • Inform customers of any call out fees in advance
  • Be realistic about the timeframe required to complete the job
  • Create an additional contract for variations to the original agreement
  • Never demand cash payment
  • Never obtain work through cold calling
  • Carry identification

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