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Work With Us
With nationwide branding, a real estate website, sponsorship program & partnerships find out how CompletePlace can feed your business with job leads.
CompletePlace Category The former 1300Plumber, 1300Builder and 1300Electrician business has expanded to include up to 26 property maintenance services that we now offer nationwide. This means that we can approach real estate agencies, body corporates, commercial investors and construction agencies to offer a total property maintenance solution. Our new direction means that we will also be positioning ourselves as the go-to for Australian interior design and a total home renovation solutions, which increases the opportunity to get referrals from other members within our network.

What we do?

Through our nationwide branding, real estate website, sponsorship program and partnerships we feed your business job leads from all over Australia.

How it works?

Your business pays per job lead that comes into your area that you are licensed, insured and available to do.
Our surveys suggest the average cost of winning a job independently is at least $60 per job which doesn’t include any cost for your own time. To obtain your job leads through us is a fraction of the price.

What to expect?

  • As many job leads as you pay for without an expiry date.
  • Job leads from online, our real estate site, our partners and sponsors.
  • Your own reference page built and featured on our website.
  • Local Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Fully staffed 24/7 Australian call centre to handle all of your inquiries.
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